Chairman’s Address

Dear Friends,

Since our inception in 1941, the Company has come a long way. And as we commence our journey for the next years to come, we see brighter and even more promising times ahead. Even though Covid-19 dominated the whole of 2020 and tested the resilience of our business model, it helped instil greater confidence and pride in our people and processes. As a global health crisis, it forced us to pause and review the emerging trends while preparing ourselves to build a future-ready organisation. Despite all the ups and downs we witnessed last year, our grit and determination kept us motivated and driven.

Since beginning, Excel has always strived to be a robust, dynamic and forward-looking company.

We are indebted to our visionary founders for the sound foundation laid for the Company. All the stakeholders, such as investors like you have always supported and encouraged us, which has been a source of great inspiration.

Since decades, we have always strived to give back to the society, in the spirit of Gandhiji’s idea of “Trusteeship” either directly or through associated NGOs.

We have always tried to engage in socially and nationally relevant businesses, for example, Excel was Independent India’s first pesticide manufacturer developing a range of products, fully indigenous inhouse knowhow, to help the Green Revolution initiated by the country for food security. Similarly our pioneering work in the field of Urban Solid Waste Management has helped with cleaner city and sustainable agriculture.

We envision a bright future for our great nation and strive hard to achieve the same through synergy, innovation and hard work in our chosen sphere. What we are at Excel Industries Limited today is a result of thousands of hands working together to build a Company that serves the country in its growth and development.

Excel has invested wisely in securing raw materials, focussing on research in technological development, complying with Government policies on the environment, and supporting with needed monetary and other resources whenever needed. I am happy to state that we have always got good result from these efforts in the form of increased profits, greater customer satisfaction, and a healthier environment. We are happy to note that the covid pandemic has led to good degree of introspection by the entire human race regarding other equally disastrous threat namely climate change.

Today, waste is definitely a resource in the new concept of a circular economy that is emerging. The corporates world over are becoming more responsive to social concerns. Today, the world is moving towards environmentfriendly use of resources, and even production-focussed countries like China have come up with significant reforms in their chemical industry. It fills me with a great sense of pride to state that we have always been conscious of our duty to the health of the environment in all our activities, and try to go beyond mere compliance for example effluent management through “Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).”

Today, when I look back on the path we travelled so far, it gives me a sense of joy and confidence in our diverse and robust company colleagues capable of handling any challenge. This pride of working with such an illustrious team drives us every day as we work to honour our stakeholders’ faith and investment in us. I want to thank our customers, suppliers, and other partners for their continued faith in our capability and for helping us improve our processes and develop ourselves into a worldclass company. I would also like to thank my fellow Directors, our senior leadership team and company colleagues for their continued support and faith in our vision and for helping us drive towards success. Pandemic has been a great teacher. The VUCA (volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) challenges faced during the pandemic and ability to deal with it in quick time has built enormous confidence. All of us have learned to accept the Covid-19 situations and rise above it and deal with the “New Normal”. We feel confident about FY 2021-22 and beyond.

Here is hoping everyone gets fully vaccinated soon. I pray we come out of this challenge safe and healthy as we slowly transform for a better future ahead!

Ashwin C. Shroff,

Executive Chairman

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