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Corporate Social Responsibility


Amount spent on CSR activities

Excel firmly believes that as a responsible part of the industry, it owes a duty of welfare to society at large.

We pursue our bit of social responsibility and carry out the social work directly and/or through other registered voluntary organisations.

Our policy on corporate social responsibility (CSR) states various activities that the Company undertakes to discharge its duties towards society.

In the FY 2020-21, we undertook various CSR activities at Roha, Lote, Vizag and Mumbai, including Conservation of Natural Resources, Rural Development, Promotion of Education, Preventive Health Care, Empowering Women and ensuring Environmental Sustainability and Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan.

For the year ended 31st March, 2021, we spent ₹ 296.31 lakhs on aforesaid CSR activities directly or through other registered voluntary organisations like Vivekanand Research & Training Institute.


Transcending horizons to create sustainable, empowered and responsible communities


To be a catalyst for creating sustainable communities in and around our business operations and in other needbased locations by designing interventions in the areas of:

  • Natural resource management
  • Human resource development
  • Socio-economic development and
  • Infrastructure development

Major Focus Areas

Natural Resources Management

Conservation of Natural Resources
  • 10 permanent check dams were constructed
  • Completed desilting work in 9 villages
  • Created and recharged 25,050 Cubic Meter water storage capacity

Families Benefited

Activities No. of Villages No. of Beneficiaries Outcomes
Met the villagers and completed the survey 04 2,900 Identified the locations and completed documentation work with gram panchayat
Permanent check dam constructed at Talaghar (24mX3mX1m) 01 1,500 15,000 m3 to 16,000 m3 water will be stored 100 acres farming land
Desilting of rivers and ponds of different sizes: 1000X15X2, 900X3X2, 100X16X3 & 400X20X2.5 Meters 04 2,900 and dairy business with 100 cattles) 64,200 m3 water will be stored, benefitting the well and borewells
Repairing permanent check dam 01 350 27000 m3 water storage cap, one corner damaged in Nisargacyclone
Permanent contraction to natural stream pond (4X3X4 Meter) 01 250 Adiwasiwadi people contributed labour shramdan 48 M3
Water tank provided for water storage purpose 01 100 Water storage and distribution problem solved
Desliting (river basin and check dam) 2 3,110 Increased water storage capacity 1,35,000 m3. There would be no water shortage in the summer for agriculture & drinking. Area under cultivation 19Acre.
Water collection facility for drinking 4 1,120 Sufficient water for drinking till May-end
Rain/natural water harvestingborewell recharge 1 360 Will enhance the ground water table and will sustain the water supply till May-end
Rural Development – Agriculture

Total 1,982 farmers benefited and 584 acres land cultivated for different crops to get income for farmers.

Kharif Season: Promoted Nagali cultivation as a nutritious value product, workshop conducted for paddy productivity and distributed paddy seeds, support in fertilisers, horticulture, kitchen gardens and distributed kharif vegetables seeds.

Rabi Season: Distributed seeds and fertilisers, which resulted in large quantities cultivation of pulses and oilseed crops.

Marketing Support: ‘Vikel te Pikel' state Government Scheme implemented for the selected 100 farmers. Joint programme inaugurated by Agriculture Commissioner (Maharashtra) Mr. Dhiraj Kumar and Agriculture District Dept., AATMA., provided stall kits like 2 trays, 1 stand, 1 umbrella.

Demos: Capsicom & Jiwamrut organic pest control trial project

Activities No. of Villages No. of Beneficiaries Outcomes
Meeting done with Agri. Dept. for jointly working with and getting support from NABARD, AATMA & FPO the project Roha Taluka 500 Farmers Doubling the income of farmers and to get them Atmanirbhar 25% increase profit in their current returns
Interaction meeting done with the district head of agriculture department and AATMA’s head from Alibaug Roha Taluka 500 Farmers To start FOP and start training programmes under AATMA
Kharif Season farming-kitchen garden, tuber crop and turmeric seeds/saplings distribution 27 200 Farmer motivation income generation land utilisation Average income of ` 60 -70 thousand in four months
Agricultural guidance workshop/farmers meeting 5 50 Awareness created among farmers about the importance of modern and commercial farming, community farming in the village through self-help group, bamboo farming and quality agricultural production in 1R
Rural Development-Animal Husbandry
  • Provided well nutritious cattle feed, Murgrass
  • Arranged for a mosquito control spray camp with an awareness campaign.
  • Helped farmers in poultry and dairy farming
  • Provided support for goat and fish farming
  • Provided goods for marketing support




Activities No. of Villages No. of Beneficiaries Outcomes
Green fodder cultivation 1 10 Cattle owner Milk production improvement
Eggs provided for incubator machine 5 5 Develop chicks for locally distributed to farmers (200 farmers)
Poultry farming 1 1 Farmer gets ` 10,000 to 15,000 per month. Presently, the chicks are purchased from Pune and Sangli
  • Under the State Government Scheme – Intensive Poultry Development Blocks, Fully automatic digital control setter come Hatcher & multipurpose pulverizer (30Kg Capacity/hrs) to Poultry farmer at Bhilare Ayani, Khed
  • From egg hatching machine, 900 to 950 eggs are hatched to produce chicks. If the average price of a chick is around ₹ 22, then the farmer get ₹ 19,800
  • Multipurpose pulverizer (30Kg Capacity/hrs): The feed preparation machine reduces the cost of purchase of feeds and the farmer can bring his raw material and prepare feed for the hens/chicks
Rural Development-Community Development
  • Constructed rangmanch for villagers’ common activities programmes
  • Developed road street light, creek road and sewage system
  • Organised Swachatta Abhiyan by conducting awareness programmes and displayed awareness boards
  • Constructed civil hospital shade for the community as well as patients

Villages Covered



  • Organised special coaching classes through expert faculty for 10th Standard.
  • Provided protection equipment like masks, spray pump, and sanitizers to schools
  • Provided computer training programme to CMRC women

Students Covered


Schools Benefited

  • Organised an income-generating training programme in tailoring, basic tailoring repairing awareness, masala preparation, beauty parlor and shevai-making machine
  • Promoted value-added products of Ragi and organised taluka level Ragi products-making training programme
  • Arranged value-added bamboo sky lamp preparation training programme
  • Crab and fish cultivation training programme
Women Empowerment
  • Provided support to 50 ladies last year and trained them to start their own business in tailoring and beauty parlour in Roha
  • Set a target for them to earn at least ` 10,000 per month

Students Covered


Schools Benefited

Activities No. of Villages No. of Beneficiaries Outcomes
Infrastructure facilitation 3 400 Used to enhance the quality of schools
Promotion of Education
  • Organised special coaching classes through expert faculty for the 10th class
  • Provided protection equipment like masks, spray pump, and sanitizers to schools
  • Provided computer training programme to CMRC women

Ladies Covered

Activities No. of Villages No. of Beneficiaries Outcomes
Sun coats and caps provided to ASHA workers 150 54 Protection from the summer heat during Covid-19 survey
Sanitiser bottles provided to gram panchyat 2 300 Prevention from Covid-19 in villages
Prepared kits for nagar palika sweepers – 2 masks, 1 bottle of sanitiser and 1 pair of hand gloves Roha 70 Provided precaution kits for the garbage collection activities, which are carried continuously
Created awareness on preventive health measures and cotton mask, sanitizers, thermometer and oximeter distribution 4 500 Benefited for health monitoring
Distributed food package 2 400 Help for the needy people during the Covid-19 lockdown period
Environmental Sustainability
Activities No. of Villages No. of Beneficiaries Outcomes
Swachhta abhiyaan and health & hygiene counselling 1 300 Clean drinking water for humans and animals. Separate place for animal washing and cloth washing
Our Partners in Transformation through all our CSR Activities:
Awards Received:-
  • ICC Award 2020-2021 for Best Compliant Company for the Product Safety and Stewardship Code Under Responsible Care
  • ICC Award 2020-2021 for Excellence in Management of Environment

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