is when you reassess your actions for the benefit of generations to come.

is when you redefine your goals because you care for the greater good.

is when you remould your ability only to fit into a more advanced, inclusive and better tomorrow

At Excel Industries Limited, we strive to lead as environmental stewards. We aspire to be a Company that actively, consciously, and voluntarily works to create a safe and sustainable environment by adopting ethical business practices.

Since 1941, we have reassessed every process and heavily invested in our R&D and effluent management.

We have redefined our purpose wherever needed and implemented innovative initiatives to develop cleaner and sustainable manufacturing practices.

We have remoulded our abilities and responsibilities by pre-emptively setting up a zero-liquid discharge system, even before it was made compulsory.

Our consistent endeavours to remain ahead of time has not only allowed us to deliver the best quality, but it has also helped us build value-accretive solutions for our stakeholders, society, and the environment at large. We intend to be the frontrunners who bring about change and lead the TRANSFORMATION. Because, if not now, then when?!

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