Alliance Manufacturing

Alliance Manufacturing is a unique programme through which we partner with customers developing processes and products. We create synergies between your product and applications expertise and our process development and manufacturing capabilities to drive solutions for the polymer industry. As your manufacturing ally we partner with you to shorten the learning curve from molecule to manufacturing line and bring you high quality specialty inputs, customized for your polymers.

From process development, lab scale testing, pilot plant testing to plant scale manufacture we have the infrastructure and knowhow to make it all possible. Our dedicated process development and research labs and staff of over 30 scientists, engineers and technicians create the right processes while our flexible production facilities are designed to rapidly adapt to new products and changes in demand. As manufacturing allies we have supplied dozens of specialty products for premier chemical companies worldwide.

Lab Scale and Pilot Plant Production

For specialty applications we also undertake manufacture at Lab and Pilot Plant scales. Contact us to see how our process development expertise and infrastructure can help you get high quality inputs for your plant.

We have established processes for ensuring confidentiality, completely respecting and protecting the client’s IPR all through the lab to the plant.