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Agrochemical Inputs

Agrochemical intermediate and Actives are the chemicals which are used to manufacture various pesticides used for crop protection. This pesticide has wide application in various crops, including grains, cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables, and others.

To ensure food security due to increase in population, availability of arable land, advancement in farming and precision farming the demand for crop protection chemicals actives and intermediates will increase.


Excel is into manufacturing of phosphorus based intermediate which finds wide application in manufacturing of key pesticides. Excel products have been widely used by both National and International companies.

Excel uses its knowledge and experience to develop new intermediates to support the requirement of the growing pesticide industry.

Products offered by Excel:

O,O-Diethylthiophosphoryl Chloride (DETC) is colorless to light yellow which is used as an intermediate in the manufacturing of many Organophosphorus Pesticides.
DETC finds application in the manufacturing of Quinalphos, Chlorphyriphos, Triazophos, Diazinon ,Dementon and Profenophos.

Phosphorus Pentasulphide (P2S5) is available in powder,granules or flakes and is one of the vital chemicals used as an intermediate in the manufacture of Organophosphorus pesticides,lube additives and pharmaceuticals.

P2S5 finds application in pesticides like Malathion,Dimethoate,Phorate,Anilophos,Fenitrothion,Ethion,Terbuphos,Disulfoton,Phenthoate and Phosalone.

0,0-DiethyldiTHIOPHOSPHORIC ACID (EDTA) is used in manufacturing of many Organo Phosphorus Pesticides and collectors for mining industry.

It is also used as an intermediate in the manufacture of many Organophosphorus Pesticides like Ethion,Phorate,Phosalone,disulfonote,Terbufos.

Thiophosphoryl Chloride (PSCl3)
Thiophosphoryl Chloride is used to produce insecticides, Fire retardant, Pharmaceuticals and specilaity chemical applications.

Phosphorus Trichloride (PCl3)
PHOSPHORUS TRICHLORIDE is an important raw material for many of the Organo phosphorus pesticides, Dye intermediates and Fire retardant. Plasticizers.

3,5,6 – Trichloropyridin-2-Ol Sodium (NATCP)
NATCP is an important raw material for Organo phosphorus insecticides like chlorpyrifos and herbicide Trichlopyr

O,O-Dimethyl amidothiophosphate(DMPAT)
DMPAT(O,O-Dimethyl Phosphoramidothioate) is an important raw material for Organo phosphorus insecticides like Acephate.

Dimethyl Thiophosphoryl Chloride (DMTC)
Dimethyl chlorothiophosphate is a chemical that is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of organophosphate larvicide, Temefos

Active Ingredients

The following are the active ingredients in which we operate:
  • AI 1
  • AI 2
  • AI 3

Soil & Water Conditioners

The following are the soil & water conditioners in which we operate:

  • Celjal
  • Varshacel
  • Epicel
  • Casscel
  • Richcel
  • Richcel Prom
  • Xscalant
  • Bioculum Agro Waste® (AW)
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  • Celjal is a water conditioner for the water to be used for foliar applications. It is able to enhance performance of plant protection chemicals and soluble fertilizers.
  • It also improves pH of the water and helps spreading of the plant protection chemicals. Celjal should be added to water before adding any chemicals to the water.
  • One can observe enhanced performance by way of reduced dose necessary to achieve the desired effect or prolonged effect of the pesticides. Celjal is available in packs of 15ml , 250 ml and 1000 ml. (15gm , 250gm and 1 Kg ) 
  • All the crops grow well in the monsoon season due to availability of pure water from rains. After the rains, the groundwater needs to be used for cultivation.
  • This groundwater (from wells or canals or other sources) has dissolved solids and can not transport nutrients like monsoon water. Varshacel helps here.
  • For TDS below 400 ppm , 1 Kg Varshacel can treat 200000 litres of water . For TDS above 400 ppm , 1 KG Varshacel can treat 100000 litres of water .
  • One can observe improved vigour in crops even in season post monsoon if Varshacel is used for irrigation water regularly for the crop.
  • Epicel is a Biostimulant. It is able to enhance the crop productivity significantly by mobilizing the nutrients fixed in soil. Epicel is a black gel and completely soluble in water. It can be supplied through drip systems as well as drenching or flood irrigation too. Epicel can be mixed with powder/granule fertilizers for delivery near root zone of the crops.
  • Depending on the plant life cycle  Epicel can be dosed one time or multiple times to get enhanced productivity.
  • After application of Epicel , one can observe growth of white roots , shoots and greenness of leaves. Leaves become thicker and flat too . Epicel enhances crop's resistance to biotic and abiotic stress. Epicel affects vegetative as well as reproductive growth of plants and ensures good returns to farmers.
  • An industrial solution to improve impurity profile of products by removal of cationic impurity from the process. It is a customised solution - fine tuned to each process.
  • Richcel- is a compost manufactured by aerobic decomposition of organic waste. Richcel enhances organic carbon in the soil and enhances porosity of the soil for better water holding. Richcel delivers nutrients in bioavailable form hence it is much more effective than synthetic fertilizers.
  • Xscalent is a safe way to clean the choked up drip systems at a low cost of operation. Xscalent is safe to humans, safe to crop, safe to soil and safe to drip systems.
  • Farmer does not need to remove the lateral pipe for cleaning purposes . It gets cleaned within the field. Xscalent can do the job with standing crop without hurting white roots.
  • This is a ready to use composting culture available in India. Probably the fastest acting culture which can decompose all kinds of Agro waste in a matter of one month by way of aerobic composting. Bioculum Agro Waste® (AW) can compost the agri waste and create compost that is free of weed seeds and insect larvae/egg. 

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