Our Range of Products

EXFLARTM: Flame Retardants

EXFLAR belongs to a family of additives that are Nitrogen and Phosphorous based Halogen Free Flame Retardants (HFFR) and are suitable for a wide range of polymers. Flame retardants provide a wider safety window for people to escape given a situation of fire.

EXFLARTM –N and NF are in-tumescent flame retardants that form a char layer on the polymer surface. It’s dissociation products act as blowing agents depriving the polymer surface of oxygen thus delaying flaming.

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EXHALSTM: Range of light stabilizers

EXHALSTM Is a low molecular weight Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer (HALS). It protects the polymer from degradation by UV light and helps improve the service life of polymers for outdoor applications. Available in powder form or flake form, it is a low melting material that disperses in the polymer melt thus phase providing protection from sunlight.

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EXCLARTM: Clarifiers for polypropylene

EXCLARTM is a nucleating agent that triggers crystal formation in polymer melt as it cools down. They not only form smaller crystals that allow light transmittance, making the polymer ‘clear’ but also help the polymer cool in a more ordered manner, helping create a stiffer polymer with better clarity.


A trifunctional (B3) monomer for demanding applications in the polymer industry. THPE provides excellent temperature resistance coupled with processing ease. THPE can be used as a crosslinking agent or a precursor for hyperbranched polymers, THPE also finds applications in coatings and adhesives. It is used as a branching agent in Polycarbonate. In Electronics, it finds applications as a sensitivity enhancer for photoresists. Talk to us for your needs of THPE derivatives like THPE Glycidyl Ether, Cyanate Ester, Benzotriazole and customized derivatives you may have requirements of.

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This molecule is used as anti-scratch agent for polycarbonate. Given its two –OH functionality, it also serves as an ideal candidate for polyesters and epoxy resins. DMBPC imparts greater thermal resistance for epoxy resins. Given its aromatic character and rigid cyclic structure, DMBPC provides high moisture barrier and thermal resistance.

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Specialty Monomers with Wide Applications

Having successfully introduced a branching agent for Poly Carbonate in the early 2000’s, we set up a research program to synthesize a basket of molecules that help improve properties of polymers like polyurethane, polycarbonate, polyesters etc. supporting niche applications and extending reach of the polymer, building up on our core strengths around Bisphenol Chemistry. These monomers help improve thermal stability (high and low temperature), reduced melt viscosities and therefore ease of processing.

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