Biological Inoculant for Composting


Bioculum is an effective, safe and environmentally sensitive facilitator of
aerobic composting of organic waste. Bioculum speeds up natural
composting processand rapidly converts waste into a rich manure.


Bioculum is free from any toxic or hazardous components. It preserves the
vital nutrients and organic matter in the waste while making it free from
pathogens, foul smells and weed seeds..





Bioculum for Home Composting

Use Bioculum to easily convert your kitchen waste to good quality
compost in your own backyard or balcony.





Bioculum for OWC System

Bioculum, a key input in the Excel OWC process, facilitates the rapid
conversion of organic waste into a bio stabilized compost





Bioculum for MSW Composting

Bioculum can be mixed with water and sprayed for composting in
large Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) plants






Other Applications

Bioculum is suitable for treating and composting all kinds of organic wastes generated by:



Agriculture farms

Food processing

Agriculture markets


Religious centres