Odour Control, The Natural Way


Make organic garbage and waste stink free in just a few minutes with Sanitreat.
A product of in-house research into Waste Management, Sanitreat is a non hazarduous
mixture of mineral and herbal components that control the putrefaction process
of organic waste materials by retarding the formation of toxic leachates and gases.


Sanitreat is a free flowing light brown powder and is highly effective over
both segregated and unsegregated organic waste.




Sanitreat for MSW Dumpyards

Sanitreat can be mixed with water and sprayed for controlling odour
in large Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) plants and dumpyards





Sanitreat in Disaster Management

Sanitreat used in post disaster scenarios can effectively help curb the
stench of carcasses and discarded organic matter.





Sanitreat in Composting

Sanitreat can be used to impart a earthy fragrance to your compost
pile while masking foul odour, if any!





Other Applications

Sanitreat can be used in the odour control of all kinds of organic waste, which may undergo putrefication:



Food processing units

Agriculture markets


Religious centres