EPC Services

No matter what the scale of your solid waste challenge, we can create a solution for you. From design to contracting to installation, we have the expertise and experience to undertake it all.

Excel Industries were the pioneers in sustainable waste management solutions in India. From large scale central processing plants to micro plants for specific applications, we have built them all. Our 500 tpd MSW to compost plant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is a pioneer in organic treatment of waste in India. Designed, constructed and operated with in-house knowhow, Excel’s Ahmedabad plant has paved the way for MSW to compost manufacture in India.

It is our mission to help the world discover more sustainable ways of waste treatment. We have recently executed an end-to-end, 300 tpd centralized waste treatment plant in partnership with the Government of Mauritius. The plant has significantly cut waste going to landfill and helped this jewel of the Indian Ocean protect its famed ecological and environmental beauty.

OWC System

owc system

Excel OWC (Organic Waste Convertor) is an easy to use Decentralized Waste Management System to turn large amounts....

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